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It’s about all about perspective

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

As I type this, I am in Jeffreys Bay in a Motorhome overlooking the ocean with my woman after traveling over 1000kms through the country and I am in awe of the things that I’ve been able to witness.

Driving through the small towns that literally span not more than 3KMs really does open ones eyes to the different realities we all live under. It isn’t about saying that someone is small town, or someone is from a large town, but it really comes down to perspective and learning to look at things from different angles in order to achieve different outcomes from the very same picture.

It reminded of my journey especially just after coming from officially launching my seminars at 54 on Bath Hotel on the 24 th May 2019 and knowing my book will be launching soon. It doesn’t really matter where you start off in life or with what tools you are endowed with; it’s all about what you choose to do with the choices and the time you’re given on this Earth. The people in the small towns we passed might or might not have known that an hour or two from where they are through the nothingness, had something different to what they currently experienced.

Be grateful for where you are, remain hungry and curious for what lies ahead and allow yourself to see all the many perspectives in the same things; only there do you see the magic. When we lose our natural curiosity for life, we inevitably make life smaller for ourselves.

I’m grateful for all that I get to do, all that I get to experience, all that I am and for all that I’m becoming. It’s about the journey; it’s about going there, more than it is about getting there.

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

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