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Earn Your Stripes

We’ve recently been on an investment drive to raise massive capital for our product, Lohocla and the number we are gunning for is rather massive relative to what we were thinking years ago. The funny thing is that the people we are contacting today are the very same people we were in contact with 3 or 4 years ago when we got all the no’s. I couldn’t understand back then why everyone was saying no because I knew we had a good product, but the truth of the matter is that we hadn’t earned our stripes yet and hadn’t accrued half the amount of traction we have accrued today.

It really comes down to filling your place, being able to outgrow where you are while you are looking at where you’re trying go. Most people get frustrated by things happening slow or not happening, but what I’ve learnt is that there is no substitute for process, what you want to do will take as long as it requires and no more or less than that.

Your task is to do all that you can with what you can and win with that. You must learn to do great things in a small place, so you can be promoted to do great things in a great place. Now that I know what I know, I can definitely demand the numbers we are demanding because we are looking to solidify South Africa and enter global markets, and this is because we have earned our stripes, and this is what I want to leave you with today. Nobody is going to invest in your idea until you can prove that you’ve put all that you can into your idea and they can see the benefit for themselves. It will always be a transaction of giving and receiving.

Make sure you do all that you can, where you are; with what you have and make sure you do your very best. Fill your place because the world is filled with people that never fill their place and thus force the rest of society to carry them.

Earn your stripes. Don’t be a gimmick.

“Motivation determines what you do, ability determines what you’re capable of doing; attitude determines how well you do it. Your attitude determines your altitude.”

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